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Hey Foodies!


A passionate foodie obsessed flavor junkie, recipe creator, Youtuber, DIY, home cook. A native New York with roots from Winston Salem, North Carolina. I was born in Harlem hospital, I grew up in Brooklyn, NY but spent all of my summers down south with my dad's side of the family at my Aunt Fannie’s house. So, I consider myself a City Gal with Southern Roots. My food is inspired by so many things that’s why I came up with the name “Chasin Flavors”. That’s what I have been experiencing my whole life flavors and more flavors and I just love it.  One of my absolute favorite things to say is “I Live to Eat & I Eat to Live”. 

I started cooking at a very young age. Beginning in my grandmother’s kitchen to cooking and having special conversations with my dad in the kitchen; my love for food comes from the love I’ve always felt cooking with my family. My dad was an amazing cook and taught me a lot of what he knew. I aspired to be just like him. I started “Chasin Flavors” not only to pay homage to my dad, share some of our food stories but to also document my love affair, passions with cooking and share my journey and relationship with food. For me, being in the kitchen brings me so many joys and memories. Surprisingly to know, it’s one of the best places to relax and center myself. When I’m cooking I’m so focused and into my thoughts. Sometimes I’ll play alittle music and other times I’ll just pour up a glass of bubbly white wine and get to work.

I find so much peace and comfort in the kitchen and when I watch my family and friends enjoy my food creations it puts such a big smile on my face. I grew up with a love and passion for comfort soul food because hey that’s where my roots are from. But as I got older and through my various travels and experiences with other cultures and lifestyles, I’ve come to appreciate so many different dishes from around the world.   

I enjoy cooking many different dishes but southern comfort food has always been my go too. I believe that food should not only nourish your body and your soul but also create memories for you that will last a lifetime.

Although I like to create my own dishes, I love to recreate classic dishes that we all love too. This platform allows me to share my passion for cooking with the world and make some food that everyone loves! My goal is to inspire you to wanna cook more often and for you to take this cooking journey with me and enjoy yourself while you are here!!!

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